Down to three…..

If you live in the high desert you most likely have heard of the sexual misconducts that have been released to the media. In recent weeks the police department at Victor Valley College has lost several police officers and they are a team of three. Why would two officers resign on the same day? And the following week a sergeant ? What corruption are they aware of ? As tax payers, we need to start asking some hard questions. As educators, are we sending our students to a dysfunctional college ? We must stand up and demand some answers ! Let’s start with our police officers, if there is an on going investigation as VVC claims, why are they resigning ? Human Resource bunch of people that cover up for that college!

Why is Financial aid taking so long to process at VVC?

Jason Judkin’s, Director of Financial aid, call him and most likely you won’t reach him nor can you get answers immediately. Where is he you ask? He runs region 9 and is finishing his Masters. That’s right he doesn’t even have a Masters nor can you reach him if you are wondering why your financial aid hasn’t been processed.  This department is a total joke and there is no supervision ! Employees are put in positions where they are set up to fail.  Elaine Navarette the new Homeless liaison at VVC but yet has no empathy for students that are financially struggling! It seems to amaze me that Elaine Navarrete and Robbie Richards run this food pantry; when they are so far behind in processing financial aid. They are in the month of June for processing financial aid and yet they are the homeless and foster care liaison but yet can’t get students that are in need processed! What a conflict ! I was also told by a homeless student that when they went to Elaine Navarretes Office for homeless help, Gisel and Elaine made vomiting sounds because the student did not have resources to shower or bathe. Is this the type of human being we need working with homeless youth ? Someone that is not empathetic with the students needs ? Email the president of the college and ask him why is this appropriate @ .


You know the saying, “The devil is a liar” is so true. It’s often difficult to know whom to trust, people are so deceitful, prideful, arrogant, etc. People who claim to be Godly are often just the opposite, and they like to hide behind “God” and their religion. I think people do this to throw the less discerning folks off their trail. But the smart ones can often see through their evil deeds, and the truth always prevails in the end. The weak will not flourish or prosper, the weak and the evil will fail in the end.

Is it a conflict ?

Retired employees of VVC on the CSEA e-board, and also working as Subs at the college? How convenient. I hope they are following the “rules” according to PERS, but I doubt it. The college only has “rules” for those they don’t like; others can break the rules and do what they want. I’m sure these retired employees are being used as pawns by the district. What a corrupt, dysfunctional place!